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Movie Timelapse photo MIDI

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Picture photography

Getty Images /tuchong/quanjing/tuku etc. Contract photographer

I am good at filming scenery and later works.;

Video photography

Timelapse photography Editors and I 'am good at shot'

Time lapse photography and wide range time lapse photography

record and music (MIDI)

Familiar with recording process.

Good at Audio pre sampling & later production.

  • What I can do

    Propaganda Film Short Film Documentary Film Short Film Short Film Short Film Propagation


  • Team shooting

    You already have equipment, script, manpower and technology. We must grasp the rhythm well. Division of labor. If you want to be specialized in team work, you should do what you should do, and do not do many things alone. The film can be simply taken, but the attitude and division of labor must be clear. Only in this way can we ensure the normal shooting. Maybe I can say it. I can do it myself. Yes, there is nothing wrong with that. But your time and energy will not be half done. In addition to efficiency, a team can integrate every department.

2019 I am here with you La Reward

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Beijing, China.

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WeiChat yinge1642 WeChat public address gonlate98